August 26, 2008

Last Weekend

Well, since I just started this blog today, and since i am going to tell you about my scrappin and such I thought I would tell you about this past weekend.

It started out early friday morning.....nah, just kiddin. On Friday, I visited the Stamping Bella Store in Thornhill. Can I just say it was like walking into paradise, and yet just a bit overwhelming. I was like a kid in a candy store, awed at every turn. Met the Bella herself, Emily. She is awesome. She is welcoming and so much fun. I saw Nicky there, and met some other wonderful ladies.

Later Friday night I went over to Veronica's and we did some scrappin. I worked on my invitation for the Halloween part I am throwing this year. I can not wait. You see Halloween is like my Christmas. I have way to much fun for a grown woman. But as they say, "we are children at heart", and mine always comes to visit at Halloween.

Saturday, I went out to help my sister at school. When you only have three hours of sleep and then you are moving stuff around all day, you get completely wiped out. I crashed as soon as I got home. Dead to the world. Sarah came over after she finished work, and we went out to see House Bunny. God, it was histerical. Then we came home, hung out, and by then i was like a walking zombie, so we went to bed.

Sarah left sunday morning to go to work, and I cleaned my Scrappin room and fiddled with some ideas I had for a card. Which by the way turned out to be so cute. Will upload for next time.

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