September 7, 2008


Got to spend some time at the cottage last weekend. Sarah and I left Friday night around 11pm. We had to make a small detour at Sarah's house but then we were off. Driving through Bradford and the smell of the farms and the onions is one thing I miss about living there. Every year you could smell these amazing smells, the fresh vegetables, the cow poop being put on the fields.

So on our way up Sarah and I encountered the WORST fog I have ever seen in my life. I could not see three feet in front of me. It took us almost three hours to get up north, not including the extra time we spent because i missed the cutoff, mainly because i could not see it. At one point on the highway we were doing 30 mp/h. Can you believe that. I was horrible. But luckily we got there safe and sound. I was up really early on Saturday Morning, about 6am. Got some really great shots of the fog on the lake.

I love this photo. It has to be one of my favorites.

We ended up leaving sunday afternoon. On the way home while in Barrie there was this horrific accident that took up two lanes on each side of the highway. We managed to pass it just in time.

There was debris all over the highway, it was like a mine field trying to avoid all the bits and pieces.

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