August 23, 2009

Bellaland - Day Two

I got up pretty early today so I decided I would make lavender shortbread. I had seen the recipe in a magazine and had mentioned that I would like to try it. Well I was lucky enough to find a lady at the Baysville Farmers market that was selling bundles, so i picked one up.

As you can imagine the response from the family was not the best - ranging from eww gross to i am not putting that in my mouth!.

So at 9am i started my oddessy into lavender shortbread. Well an hour later i was still picking off the dried little flowers. OMG!! it was awful. I tried not to get any leaves or dried stem in the mix - well let me tell you I will probably never make this again!! After my hour of picking out flowers I finally had the 3tbsp's i needed for the recipe - and yes after all that pain, sweat and time - it was only for 3tbsp.

Well mixed the dough, and it smelled pretty good now considering I had lavender everywhere - and when i say everywhere I mean it!! That stuff is gross. However, I was very calm thoughout the entire process. It must have been from the smell.

So I rolled up the dough and let it chill while I got ready to go out with Carrie.

I finished the cookies by baking them. It smelled great. They weren't too bad - they were very different from your normal sort of cookies.

I went to Bellaland again to take a class with Paulabella on pencil crayons. I am definately more of a copic fan. Although I still work a bit with pencils.

It was a great day overall. When i got home my sister told me that my mom and tried my shortbread (and she was the one who didn't want to in the first place) and she actually liked it.

It was a great feeling.

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Veronica said...

Oh those cookies sound awesome. I know you would call me weird but unusual is always something that you need to try at least once in your life.