October 26, 2009



Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to Waterloo we go!!

Dori and I went out to visit my sister in Waterloo today. We had an absolute blast.

On the way to Waterloo Dori and I attempted to make a video. Well it really didn't work out too well. The camera slid around, fell down, chopped off heads and body parts. It was a funny experience.

We got to Waterloo around noon and went to pick my sister up. I had brought her our halloween costumes as per her instructions. Although at the time I didn't know she was looking for our Hersey's Kiss costume.

While Kae was looking in my trunk one of her friends had come up to see what we were doing. He managed to find our chicken costume and proceeded to try it on. He looked so funny.

Here is this big guy trying to get into a tiny costume. I almost peed myself watching.

After our little show, we then went to St.Jacob's as we always do in Waterloo. We visited the Bakery, the Silo, Scrapping Turtle, as well as Gecko Beads.

My sister and Dori totally hit it off - it was great.

We toured around Walmart for a bit, then we went to see Law Abiding Citizen.

The movie was spectacular!!! Love Gerard Butler.

"It's going to be biblical" - my favorite quote

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I've checked your blog every day since your last post. Post something else now! I'm dying to keep reading. I live vicariously thru you, I have no life. :)