November 2, 2009

Halloween Weekend


Didn’t get much scrapbooking done this weekend.

Spent the weekend hanging out with Dori. We went to the mall, Walmart, and the movies on Sunday. We saw Amelia. It was a great story and even better movie. Hilary Swank played an amazing Amelia Earhart. She was very inspiring.

On Halloween we vegged out at my place and watched True Blood, Saving Grace and a bit of The Witches of Eastwick. It was so much fun. We even did a little fashion show. Here's our best impression of Charlie's Angels!!!

I loved playing around with the wigs and the mask. Even my dog got into the fun with his devil costume. Isn't he cute, not really a scary devil.

We bought face masks from Lush and did those while we watched the shows on television, although we did wait until all the trick or treaters had come and gone.

We exfoliated first using Ocean Salts. I can't believe the salt that was in it...although by the name you would think I wouldn't be surprised. However, when I was washing my fash I got a mouth full of the salt. YUCK!!! The mask I used was Brazened Honey. Dori got Love Lettuce. Here is what my mask said: " Refreshing Detoxifiying mask to brighten tired skin and scrub away dull old cells. Full of honey, lime and ground almonds - perfect for when you've been neglecting your poor face." It felt great on my skin.

I haven't done a mask in such a long time, that it was really nice to do it. It wasn't very expensive either.


Anonymous said...

I have to do a mask soon too. Can never seem to find the time to pamper myself. Puppy is too cute.

Dorilove13 said...

HAHA LOVE the pic!!! awesome weekend I must say!

Veronica said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful Halloween. Even the dog got into it. lol Very cute!

As for Lush it is only the best place on earth. I have been buying thwir products for years and can not say enough good stuff about everything.