November 6, 2009

OVO - Part Two


Ok, so now it is the next day and i'm dragging my feet. We got home after the show at around 11:30 - and I didn't fall asleep until 2:30am.

At least I have Starbucks!! Thank God for my "Grande Cinnamon Dolce".....mmmmm........

So, the second half of the show was great as well. The had a whole segement with a spider and her web. I can honestly saw I never thought the human body could twist like that. She put the best contortionist to shame.

They also did a little love scene between the blue bug and the lady bug. SO CUTE!

They also used trampolines with the grasshoppers. WOW. It was pretty awesome.

The end was a huge banquet where all the bugs came out. Fantastic.

As a side note - the music was done by a live band. The singer was spectacular.

Ok. Well that's all for now!!

If you get a chance to go - GO - you will enjoy it!!

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