July 7, 2010

Museums and Memorials...

Today Gail and I went to the Smithsonian Museum, specifically the Museum of American Hisotry and we also visited the Holocaust Museum.

Our trip started at 9:30 where we met up with Liz, another CTMH consultant we met on this trip. We took OnBoard tours down to the Old Post Office. We decided to do the Tower Tour. This is where you go into the Old Post Office and travel all the way up the tower. You can then look out across DC to see all the sites. In the back drop you could see the Cathedrals, the national monuments, and the White House. It was pretty high up and I got a bit queasy.

On the way down we stopped where the housed the bells. Got a really good picture. Then on to the bottom of the building. We looked in the shops and got some really good postcards of washington.

Next we headed over to the Museum of American Hisotry. We got to see Julia Child's kitchen. This was one thing I really wanted to see especially after having seen the movie Julie and Julia. I had so much fun...Bon Appetit!! LOL. I also got to see the Holidays on Display, Pop culture items, and the First ladies dresses. In the pop culture section I saw KERMIT the frog, Judy Garland's ruby slippers, Archie Bunkers chair....it was pretty cool.

After we had visited the gift shop Gail and I headed out to the Holocaust Museum. When we arrived we went and looked at Daniel's Story. It took you through the changes that Daniel experienced with his family. Very sad. We were lucky that we booked tickets to the permanent exhibit....I am very glad that we did as it was amazing and sad all at the same time. The entire time you walked through the exhibit there wasn't a word uttered. It was completely silent, very respectful. Some of the images were a little hard to digest, but it really made you think. I would definately recommend that if you are travelling to washington, you make this a stop. I was practically in tears by the end of it. The sadest part was the children's section. I had to walk by that, there were pictures on the wall and toys....

While in the gift shop they had this really interesting poster, it said:
- the next time you witness hatred
- the next time you see injustice
- the next time you hear about genocide

We ended up getting back to the hotel about 3:30pm.

Gail and I then headed back to the room and then out to register for convention.

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