July 6, 2010

Official Day 1 in Washington, D.C.

Hiya Ladies,

Today is my official first day in Washington. We left yesterday morning about 7 am from Newmarket, Ontario. It was Carol, Gail and myself in the car along with our luggage, and scrapbooking supplies. We arrived in Washington about 8pm. It was a pretty long drive with a few pit stops along the way. All in all it was a good trip, even managed to grab a nap.

We did hit a few snags with the directions and got a bit lost, but everything turned out ok. We got a pretty good room at the Gaylord National Hotel. We can see some of the river to the right of our window, and the views from the inside of the hotel of the Potomac River are specatular!!!

So, now back to today. we got up pretty early had the oil changed in the car (wanted to make sure that we would be able to make it back home as it had gone down quite a bit because of the heat and the long drive). Then we headed to Mount Vernon. This was really cool. We got to see where George Washington lived and died. The building itself is now owned by "The Ladies", a group of women that bought it in the 1800's for $200,000. This included all the buildings and the approx. 300 acres of land. Pretty neat, eh? I thought so.

We took the tour of the house, saw where the servants of the guests stayed, where family and visitors stayed, and the kitchens. We also got to see all the out buildings, and the tomb of Washington and Martha, and their other family members. I believe the tour guide said that there were about 25 other family members buried there.

We got to see where the slaves were buried and where the farming was done. It was a terrific experience. We also did the museum where the took you through his life, and his military carrier, and what happened in his life. We also got to see this really neat movie about some of his battles. The chairs even moved, and we got snowed on too!!! LOL. Not real snow, but soap bubbles of some sort. Now ask me how I found out they were soap bubbles, well of course I looked up. Please DO NOT look up if you go. I got it in the eye. Not such a happy camper. Luckily all was good.

So tomorrow, I believe Gail and I are going to the Holocaust Museum, and to see Julia Child's Kitchen (my idea). I wanted to see this kitchen after that movie....Julie & Julia, which by the way I LOVE!!!

Well catch up tomorrow.

Post pictures when I get home as I can't on the computer I am at!


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