June 30, 2009

June 28, 2009

Lampworking Class - Day Two

Today was day two of the lampworking class. We learned so much in this class it was great.

We learned how to make:

- flad round beads
- encasing beads
- around the worlding
- line encasing
- hearts

I had so much fun learning these different techniques.

Here is a picture of the beads I made.

June 27, 2009

Lampworking Class - Day One

Today was my first lampworking class for glass beads. The store I took the class at is called Bead Fx. If you don’t know what lampworking is:

the definition: the method or process of producing articles made of glass tubes or rods formed or shaped while softened by the flame of a lamp or blast lamp.

There were 5 students in total and our instructor was Amy Walman-smith. She is a very talented instructor who completes very georgeous beads. You have to check out her work on her website.

Since this was the first day of two, we learned basic information such as how to handle the kiln, the torch, basic set up of a studio.

For our first beads we learned how to melt the glass and make round spacer beads.

I made these cute little green ones:

Then we learned how to make tubes. These were tricky as you have to be careful with the ends so that they are not rough. We also made a variation on the tube bead – it looks like two round based cones stuck together.

We learned to use frit – which are tiny pieces of glass you can roll onto your bead. If you then use a reduction flame (less oxygen, more propane) they turn metallic. It was so neat to see the change in glass. Here is a picture of the beads on which I used Frit and the other ones I made.

I also make this cute little purse using a round tube bead. Amy made the handle as I wasn’t sure how to do it.

June 8, 2009

Birthday Book

So...one night my mom is completely worried. She thought she forgot one of our family member's birthdays. But to be sure we checked the calendar...it wasn't there. So we checked another calendar and another. No calendars in the entire household had this birthday on it.

It was awful. We had to wait until my dad got home to find out we were early, we hadn't missed it at all. LUCKY!!

So in honour of my mom I made her this book. She will now hopefully never forget a birthday.

June 7, 2009

Mom and Me crop

Today was absolutely great!!

The kids were awesome and I got quite a bit done.

Here is one of the cards I did.

The kids were completely well behaved. The venue was great.