October 26, 2009



Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to Waterloo we go!!

Dori and I went out to visit my sister in Waterloo today. We had an absolute blast.

On the way to Waterloo Dori and I attempted to make a video. Well it really didn't work out too well. The camera slid around, fell down, chopped off heads and body parts. It was a funny experience.

We got to Waterloo around noon and went to pick my sister up. I had brought her our halloween costumes as per her instructions. Although at the time I didn't know she was looking for our Hersey's Kiss costume.

While Kae was looking in my trunk one of her friends had come up to see what we were doing. He managed to find our chicken costume and proceeded to try it on. He looked so funny.

Here is this big guy trying to get into a tiny costume. I almost peed myself watching.

After our little show, we then went to St.Jacob's as we always do in Waterloo. We visited the Bakery, the Silo, Scrapping Turtle, as well as Gecko Beads.

My sister and Dori totally hit it off - it was great.

We toured around Walmart for a bit, then we went to see Law Abiding Citizen.

The movie was spectacular!!! Love Gerard Butler.

"It's going to be biblical" - my favorite quote

October 24, 2009

Erin's Wedding Album

Today I went over to my friend Erin's place to finish up her wedding album with her. This was my gift to her and her husband Jeff.

It turned out spectacular. I also did a little pre-wedding album to go with it. this one contained all the parties before the wedding occured.

I used the Close to my Heart Silhouette line and paired it with red cardstock by bazzill. The photos turned out awesome.

I will be posting the photos this coming weekend as the book will be completely finished by then, so stay tuned.

October 19, 2009

Baby Cake

When I got home my mom was so excited. She lead me to the dining room from the kitchen with my eyes closed.

She was so excited because she had created this "cake" out of baby wash cloths. I have to admit, even I thought it was extremely cute. Check it out:

I am so proud of her, that she created all this by herself. She even tells me that she has no creative gene. Well, this just proves her wrong.

October 18, 2009

Cowboys and Turtles

Here is another card I created. I used Stamping Bella`s Turtle tots - cowboy. I used Close to My Heart paper the Sarsaparilla line.

I used a white card base and inked the edges with Barn Red ink by CTMH (Close to my Heart). The layers on the card start with a black base then blue patterned paper follwed up with a torn piece of the worded patterned paper.

This is the close up of the cowboy turtle. To cut the white circle that the turtle is stamped onto and the scalloped circle were cut using my spellbinders.

I coloured the background using blue chalk to make the clouds. Yellow chalk to create the sun. I used a bit more yellow to create a sunny effect around the clouds.

These are the copic markers I used to colour the image.

I love him - he looks awesome on this card.


My friend Veronica hosts a Crop for the Cure every year. This year we were raising money for Princess Margaret. Veronica hosted the event at the Woodbridge Memorial Arena & Pool. Every year this event gets bigger and better. The event started at 9am to 9pm. Here is everyone getting ready for the event.

Once everyone arrives we all sit in our seats and get ready. We had 40 people at the event. It was great. I got to see some people I haven`t seen in awhile. Vern had put down pink table covers that looked awesome.

I sat at table 2 with Carrie, Sherrie, Marg, Carol and Carmen. This is a picture of the center piece that Veronica created for every table. There were beautiful white roses mixed in with all the other flowers and greenery.

Carrie`s sister had driven all the way from London with her friend to be here for the crop. I haven`t seen her for awhile so it was great to spend some time with her and her friend.

For the event I baked some cupcakes and a cake. I made the ribbons out of colour flow icing. I had to leave them on wax paper to dry. It took two days!!

Here is Vern and I with the cupcakes that I made. They turned out awesome.

Of course you`ll notice that we are wearing our bras outside our clothes. Theresa, one of the other girls at the crop issued the challenge, and quite a few girls answered. It was great.

These are my crazy eyelashes - I LOVE THEM!!!

Here is Marg - Love the hair!!

and Rose and Cheryl!!!

and of course....

Here is myself, Barb and Veronica.

I had so much fun at the crop.

Just want to say thank you very much Veronica, and Rose. You did an amazing thing!!

October 9, 2009


I have updated my blog, however, i still have to upload some pictures of what i have been working on so far.


October 8, 2009

Kaelyn's surgery

So my sister had her surgery today. Got the call around noon that everything was ok and that she was groggy.

However, instead of going straight home I went out with Dori to the Eaton Center. We got our hair done, not too happy with mine, but as i said last night - It will grow out.

We then had dinner at Mr. Greenjeans. I had their french onion soup which was great. I enjoyed it.

Got home pretty late so I really didn't get to see my sister.

October 3, 2009

what can i say

Well, haven't been at it lately but I will update!

Today started as any raining day - I rolled over - not wanting to get up!! But does anybody on days like today.

Got ready for work and got on the train as usual. However when I got off and was walking to the underground - my day took an unexpected turn - I looked up to the street level. There they were - I smiled and chuckled to myself all the way to my building - I was on cloud 9. Now you are probably asking yourselves - What the heck did you see?

At york and bay there were two storm troopers and DARTH VADER!! It was great and brought back memories of Dad, Kaelyn and I watch the last three movies almost every summer since we were little.

After work I went with my friend to get her tattoo it looks awesome!!

Once we were done we walked to the movie theater to go see Love Happens! I give it four stars. Truly an awesome movie about grieving and moving on.

I left Dori at University and Queen (she took the subway) and I continued onto the bus station after the movie.

The Kiss concert had let out so I saw all kinds of fans - was kinda neat.

To end my awesome day out I saw a guy peeing in the bushes at the bus stop -- eeeew, gross!!! I was blinded by the site! Blach!

Well that was by very interesting day - see you guys tomorrow!

PS - I will updat asap!