May 23, 2010

A disasterous long weekend

Well the last few days have been interesting to say the least. I was supposed to go up and visit my sister at school in Waterloo this weekend, however, my body had a different idea. I ended up staying home from work on Thursday due to a very sore throat. I woke up Friday morning and it was worse so I ended up going to the walk in clinic. I was in and out within the hour which was fantastic, but the prognosis was strep throat. By Friday night, it was terrible. I ended up having to go to the emergency room as my glands in the back of my throat were so swollen I was having problems swallowing. The staff at the hospital were amazing. My doctor was great too. After looking at me and taking a throat swab, he thought I might have mono. I was not looking forward to that!! Luckily, that test came back negative. YAY!! So with some medication I was outta the hospital, feeling much better. I had a very relaxing rest of the long weekend.

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