September 27, 2010

A somber event....

This weekend I attended the third annual butterfly release at Fairy Lake to commemerate the passing of loved ones. Our next door neighbour lost his mom so we attended along with other family and friends to remember her with him.

Here is our neighbours with their butterflies. They were packaged in little white triangular boxes. They had to pull off the elastic that held it together and then open the box to release the butterfly. They had to aclimatize first before they took off.

Here are all three butterflies getting ready to take off. They were truly spectacular. All the butterflies that were released were all monarchs.

A close up of one of them.
All of them were so vibrant.

The weather also held out so that all the butterflies could fly away.

Here is a special moment I caught of Richard with his butterfly. He talked to it very quietly before it flew away. I really love this shot and was so glad I got it.


Just Me said...

A beautiful moment to remember

Christiana said...

What a neat experience! Talk about some tender moments. Those photos almost made me teary. Thanks for sharing!