May 27, 2009

Croptopia - Friday

At four a.m. vern and I were up and getting ready to start our adventure to Croptopia.

Rose came to pick us up at 5 a.m. We brought out all our stuff. OMG, there was so much, most of it mine. Yes, I am a huge pack rat. However, I have learned my lesson for next year.

Vern packed the car, I can't believe that it all fit. Vern, you get the #1 packer award. About 5:20 a.m. were were off, and were lead by the Angry British Man (ABM) - Rose's Garmin GPS.

On the way to croptopia we stopped to cut some of the beautiful lilacs that were growing on the side of the road. Luckily, Rose and I got to stay in the car while Vern was being eaten alive by the bugs. Here's vern with her shears cutting some of the white lilacs.

In total it took us over three hours to get to Croptopia. We made a pit stop at a Tim Hortons to go to the bathroom and to get something to drink.

I kept falling asleep on the girls in the car. Here are Rose and I once we got to croptopia. Can you see how good a packer Vern is. The entire way Rose was sitting like a genie.

We got to Croptopia about 9 a.m. We then proceeded to unload all our cropping stuff and leave it at the gym. We then took our sleeping stuff and put it in our room. WOO HOO!! we were the only room to have our own shower and toilet. I felt like a queen. It was cool, especially since i was a croptopia virgin.

We parked the car in the parking area and found another beautiful lilac bush, the blooms were dark purple and georgeous. Here are the three of us.

Afterwards, we got down to cropping.

The camp grounds were astounding, they would take everyone's breath away.

We were served lunch and dinner by the camp.

We ending up going to bed about 11 p.m. It was a long day. Claire, Vern, Rose all headed up to sleep. Vern laughed when i was getting ready for bed. All the ladies brought sleeping bags and I brought my heavy blanket. Well I wrapped myself up good in that blanket, and Vern got a hoot out of watching me jump round so that i could cover my feet. It was pretty funny.

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