May 2, 2009

Niagara Falls

It turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day for our trip.

I picked up Caroline around 8:15 am. It took us about two hours to get to Niagara. The drive was great as we missed much of the traffic down, plus that early on a Saturday morning no one is really out.

Our first stop on the day trip was to the butterfly conservatory. This place is amazing even if you have already been. The conservatory is very humid but the butterflies are amazing. We spent about two hours taking photos of everything we could see.

Caroline had a hard time try to catch on butterfly on her camera. He would not stay still long enough for her to get a photo. Here is the culprit taken with photo burst:

His colors are absolutely amazing.

Here is my favorite shot; this butterfly reminds me of Chinese butterflies; maybe it's just the red and black:

After Caroline and I were done at the conservatory we stopped at the Butterfly Cafe for lunch. Then we headed down to Clifton Hills by way of the "people mover". In no time were we down by the falls. The walk up to the main horseshow was great; a bit wet from the mist but great. This is one of my favorite pictures. Not just because the scenery is great but because all of a sudden this seagull was in my shot. It caught me off guard but it truly makes the picture for me.

Caroline and I walked around Clifton Hills for a bit before we decided to check out the Aviary. It wasn't worth the entrance fee but it was a neat experience. One of those once in a life time experiences. We saw all kinds of neat birds. I got to see a Kookaburra, which I had never seen before. A parrot danced with us too. It was great. Here is one of the neat photos I got of the birds.

After everything we did we ended up taking the "people mover" back up to the conservatory to go home. The lady who drove it was absolutely hilarious. She was a great ending to the day. We also got to see the Flower Clock. Truly exceptional.

Last but not least we toured the gardens around the conservatory, where the school of horticulture is located. They were termendous.

Here is my favorite - sort of a Mr. Darcy moment.

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