September 12, 2009

A day out

Went out with Dori, one of the girls from work, to look at apartments. I only had one appointment - I was pretty happy with location but not so with the building. It was kinda dirty and I didn't get to see the specific apartment that I asked to see - but I will keep trying.

We then decided to go to fairview to see inglorious basterds. The show wasn't until two so we decided to walk around the mall for a bit. I went to Bath & Body Works!! I only went to get a small bottle of cream, however when I walked into the store I saw my shampoo!! I looked like a kid at christmas - they said that they would not be carrying it yet there it was!!! I first found this product down in Florida - I loved it and it lasted three months - what shampoo and conditioner do u know that does that. Anyways they didn't have the vanilla that I liked so I got cherry blossom - it smells great.

So then dori and I ventured to saphora. We got to see the kat von d products. Love the saint perfume - it smells so good. As a side note - I love her show - I think she georgeous but she is truly stunning without her tats too!! If u get a chance u have to check it out.

We also went to the Children's place to see if we could find something for Dori's sister. I saw this cute onsie. Isn't it awesome.

We certainly had a great day - the movie and company was awesome.

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