October 3, 2009

what can i say

Well, haven't been at it lately but I will update!

Today started as any raining day - I rolled over - not wanting to get up!! But does anybody on days like today.

Got ready for work and got on the train as usual. However when I got off and was walking to the underground - my day took an unexpected turn - I looked up to the street level. There they were - I smiled and chuckled to myself all the way to my building - I was on cloud 9. Now you are probably asking yourselves - What the heck did you see?

At york and bay there were two storm troopers and DARTH VADER!! It was great and brought back memories of Dad, Kaelyn and I watch the last three movies almost every summer since we were little.

After work I went with my friend to get her tattoo it looks awesome!!

Once we were done we walked to the movie theater to go see Love Happens! I give it four stars. Truly an awesome movie about grieving and moving on.

I left Dori at University and Queen (she took the subway) and I continued onto the bus station after the movie.

The Kiss concert had let out so I saw all kinds of fans - was kinda neat.

To end my awesome day out I saw a guy peeing in the bushes at the bus stop -- eeeew, gross!!! I was blinded by the site! Blach!

Well that was by very interesting day - see you guys tomorrow!

PS - I will updat asap!

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Veronica said...

Finally an update. Wow, sounds like you had an eventful evening. Nice to hear you had a nice day even if it was raining.