November 16, 2009

Killing trees?!?!?!?

At work we received a achievement award about our use of paper. Then one of my co-workers said that we shouldn't have received the award with the amount of killing trees she did last week. I burst out laughing, and I wasn't because of what she said it was because of what my mother had me doing this weekend.

Yesterday, I was cleaning my scrap area, shuffing off all the old stuff and such. When my mom asked me to come with her to Walmart. I said sure as she had hurt herself last week and I didn't want her lifting anything heavy or pushing the cart.

So we did our shopping and loaded the trunk once we were done. As we were pulling out of the parking lot my told me that we were going for a drive. Well, I should have guess why she wanted me to come. You know when you have that little inkling that something isn't right.

Well doesn't my mom hand me the shears. She wanted me to cut some boughs for her baskets at home. So here I am at the side of the road trying to cut these thick branch while my mom is screaming "get in the car, get in the car!" She didn't want anyone to see us.

After I had got her her boughs we started home. I looked over to her and said, I felt like I was selling drugs and the cops were coming down on us.

It certainly was an interesting day.

Well I hope you enjoyed the craziness of my family.


Veronica said...

Your mother cracks me up. She knows what she wants and makes sure you do the dirty work. lol

I just purchased all my greens today from my supplier. I did the go to the park and take the greens and that did not work out so well so I have resorted to just buying them. Can't wait to set it all up tomorrow.

Lori said...

Too funny. I can just picture the scenario.