November 5, 2009

OVO - Part One


All I can say is WOW!!! The show so far has been spectacular! It's the intermission now and I have seen all kinds of bugs.

The best so far has been the cute lady bug. She is just so cute.

I have seen two dueling bugs - praying mantis - spiders - bugs flipping corn and kiwis. These dancers-acrobats are completely astounding!!

There was one dancer all by himself and he danced so beautifully. He could even hold himself up by one hand - and get this - spin around. Spectacular!!!

When the grasshoppers came out they went around visiting everyone.well wouldn't you know it. It stopped in between my parents. Scared my mom half to death - while I was peeing myself laughing - IT WAS GREAT!!!!

Well that's all till after the show!!

Muah to all those "OVO" fans out there!!!

As a challenge - do you know what OVO means?
I do.... But I'm not telling!
Well maybe...but not until later.


Anonymous said...

Ok tried to google what it meant but couldn't find anything. Can you give a hint? (And thank you for updating your blog!)

Anonymous said...

Aha. Figured it out. It's portugese for egg!