August 22, 2009

Bellaland - Day One

I was in Bellaland today to take a class with one of the bella's herself - Lindabella. She it truly an amazing artist.

Today's class was focused on Copic Markers - these are a great tool for card making!! They create absolutely beautiful images.

We did three cards today using bella's stamps. Gail, Carol and Carrie came. We all sat together to do the cards which was great as I had not seen Gail for quite some time.

Let's hear it for our newest copic fan - CARRIE!!! - she came to class excited to learn and very enthusiastic. She was new to copics and wanted to check them out - she is now part of the copic craze!!

If you want some more information on Copic Markers check out their website.

Here are the cards we did.

Thank you very much Lindabella!! The class was amazing.

So after I got home Fran, Colleen, Mom, Kaelyn and I decided to have a girls night and went to see Julie & Julia. It was great. It was kinda weird that Stanley Tucci played Meryl Streep's husband in the movie, it took me a few minutes to get use to, but it was absolute hilarious. The movie was extremely well done.

It was a great girls night out.

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Veronica said...

Can't wait to see what you created. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. You deserve to take some time out and have fun every so often.