August 2, 2009

Poppa Joe's Birthday

Today was the birthday party for Poppa Joe's 80th. It was a grand affair. The party was held at my neighbour's home - Fran. Oh my gosh - there was so much food. Fran had put together meatballs, sausage on a stick and lamb on a stick.

Fran also had fresh veggies, bruschetta, rolls, fresh fruit, sushi, and shrimp.

Joe's wife brought her rice balls - which were very good. My mom brought her red pepper jelly tarts.

As my present for Poppa Joe - I made his birthday cake.

I made a cake cut with strawberries and covered in buttercream icing. On top of that i used fondant. I put on grapes done in two different colours. I also made drapes on the top part of the cake.

1 comment:

Veronica said...

I am sure Pappa Joe loved his cake. Wonderful job Alexis!